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Jobs That Would Need Excavator Hire

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When most people think of an excavator, they sum it up as a digging tool. The truth, though, is that it offers a range of functionality at any construction site. When paired with the suitable attachments, this tool can provide a myriad of tasks. So what are some of the jobs on your construction project that may need excavator hire?

Breaking through concrete

This is the most common task assigned to the excavator. When these machines are paired up with a concrete breaker, the operator can then tear through asphalt, sidewalks, swimming pools, concrete and more. The combination of an excavator with a concrete breaker can also be used in tearing down vertical structures into chunks that can be managed easily by the construction team.

Clearing and Loading

Another job for excavator hire would be clearing fallen trees and underbrush on demolition sites. There are a number of attachments that can work with the excavator to complete these tasks. These attachments include three-tined grapples, buckets with teeth, rotating grapples and clamps. All these can work to grab any saplings or undergrowth that is present on the construction site. If you need a longer reach for loading, you could attach extendable arms on the excavator to give you an increased length.

Hard landscaping

During the construction of retaining walls in an outdoor environment, excavators coupled up with rotating grapples can afford you the grasp as well as the precision needed for the task. The flexibility of these grapples enables the operator to dig symmetrical holes, move away vegetation, strategically place boulders as well as load and unload material as needed. If you want to handle dimensional timber to be used in constructing ponds or waterfalls, attach tined grapples and a clamp to the excavator for better grip.

Compacting of soil

If you would like to compress soil with your excavator hire, all you would need to do is attach a plate compactor to the machine. This will compact the soil from the top going down. However, if you would prefer to compact it from the bottom going up, you could opt for a packer wheel addition. The two attachments can reduce your manual labor on the construction site as it negates the need to workers to undertake compaction by hand.

Prepping of land

If you are looking to prep the land before any planting can occur, you should fit the excavator for hire with a ripper. This attachment will penetrate hard earth, and this is especially convenient if the ground was frosted over.

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