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How To Ensure Your Antique Timber Windows are Weatherproofed Properly

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Antique timber windows need just as much love and care as modern timber window frames. If you have recently purchased a vintage home, you may have noticed these beauties throughout the house. Before seasonal weather conditions, such as freezing temperatures set-in, consider the steps you need to take to keep those windows looking beautiful. Here are a few ways you can use to ensure your antique timber windows are weatherproofed properly.

Repairing Large Gaps

The first thing you should do is look at the timber window frame and check for any gaps. You are looking for gaps where air can leak into the room. If the gap is to large and can't be fixed with weather stripping methods, then you will need to repair the area. If you don't have experience with this step, consider hiring a professional contractor. They will come in and evaluate all your windows, give you a price estimate, and schedule a time to repair the area.

Repair and Fill Cracks

While you are checking for gaps in the window frames, you should also check for any cracks in the wood. Small cracks in the wood can allow moisture to set-in which will lead to warping and wood rot. Make sure to fill these cracks with wood putty and seal the area to ensure a barrier between the timber and outside damaging elements. You can find wood putty and timber wood repair kits at your local home improvement or hardware store.

Weatherproofing Seal

Sealing your antique timber windows is a vital step to ensure the windows can hold up to extreme weather conditions. Remember, when you turn on the heat in your home and it is extremely cold outside, the window will develop condensation. This condensation runs down the window and makes contact with the timber frame. If that frame is not weatherproofed and sealed, it will succumb to the dampness and wood rot will set in.

Weather Stripping

An added step you can take to ensure your antique timber windows are weatherproofed properly is to use weather stripping in areas along the frame. You can find weather stripping in a variety of colours and sizes at your local home improvement store. If you don't want a peel-and-stick stripping, consider purchasing a silicone seal that can be used on wood.

These are just four ways you can ensure that your antique timber windows are weatherproofed and ready for extreme conditions. If you are worried that you may overlook something in your first repair check, hire a contractor such as Johnston Joinery to handle this step for you. They can also suggest ways to improve your weatherproofing and maintain your timber windows.