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How To Fix Sagging Gutters

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One common task in gutter repair is fixing sags. If you fail to pay attention to gutter sags, you might have to deal with replacing the whole gutter system. Fixing sagging gutters is not a difficult procedure. It only requires some basic skills and a few tools.

Why Gutters Sag

The common reasons for sagging gutters are

  • A build up of debris such as leaves or any form of dirt which accumulates when you fail to clean gutters regularly
  • Heavy rains may cause your gutters to sag
  • Snow that melts slightly then solidifies resulting in a solid piece of ice, which causes a gutter sag

Sagging gutters could easily create stagnant water, which forms a perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. In the long run, the gutter begins to leak, which causes water to penetrate the walls of your home, which causes unavoidable damage.

How Do You Fix Sagging Gutters?

The first step in attempting to fix gutters is isolating the cause. There are some instances where the gutter will bend and other cases where the supports of the gutter become loose or break. If the metal gets torn or bent, it is best to replace the whole gutter section. However, if the sag has just begun, find a ladder and get up to have a look. The hangers that keep the gutter in place will be either a bit loose or totally broken. In such cases, you only need to remove the hardware that is causing the problem and replace it.

Begin by looking at your gutter from one end to the other. This is to determine whether the sag is caused by hangers that are either missing or broken.

If the hangers are damaged, use a pry bar or pliers and a hammer to remove them and install new hangers in their place.

If you are installing new hangers where there were never any, locate nail heads on the roof line to show that rafters are under. This is because screwing hangers into rafters provides better support.

When To Call a Professional

In case the damage of your gutters is more than a single roof line, then you need to consult a professional. You also need help if you have performed several fixes but the same problem keeps returning.

In some cases, professionals will perform an advanced version of the DIY procedure explained above. In other cases, like when the original gutters are not big enough to take the water load, the roofing repair service might revamp your entire gutter system.

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