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What Qualities Distinguish Good Inground Water Tank Inspection Reports From Bad Ones?

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Homeowners know that regular inspections of their inground water tanks are vital to ensuring that their water supply is not affected by leaks, microorganisms and other contaminants. However, some of them receive less than adequate inspection reports and they don't know it. This article discusses the qualities that a good underground water tank inspection report should have.


An inspection report should be as accurate as possible in reflecting the findings made by the inspectors. General statements (such as "some corrosion has occurred") in the report aren't very helpful in portraying the condition of the tank or any defects noticed.

A good report should accurately describe what has been observed so that appropriate action can be taken to stem the problem from worsening. In the example above, a more accurate description would be "hairline corrosion marks of about five inches were observed on the tank cover." Such an accurate description is actionable because you (the homeowner) can plan to paint the cover in order to stem the corrosion, or replace that cover in a few months since the hairline corrosion doesn't call for urgent action. That is how accurate reports help you to know what to do and when to do it.

Easy To Analyze

Good inground water tank inspection reports are easy to analyze once they are given to you the homeowner. This is because such reports are broken down into sections that handle one aspect of the inspection at a time. For instance, one section may focus on the condition of the tank wall. As you read that section, you get a clear picture of the state in which the concrete walls of your underground tank are as opposed to another report where this information is spread out in different parts of the report.


Good inspection reports are delivered in a format that is easily accessible by you the homeowner so that you can refer to that report as often as you want to. For instance, the report should be given to you as a hard copy that you keep on your bookshelf for quick reference. If it is in a digital version that requires special software before you can read the report, then it is not a good report because you have been denied ease of access.

The decisive test of how good any document is lies in how easily action can be taken based on that document. The qualities above break down that decisive test so judge the quality of the water tank inspection reports based on how well they meet the criteria laid out above. Check out Bettacrete Precast Pty Ltd for more information.