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4 Advantages of Contracting Out Your Underground Mining

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When someone owns or invests in a mine, they may opt for owner mining, meaning they hire a crew that does the mining for them, or they may opt for contract mining, which is bringing in an outside company to do all the mining work. There are many advantages to contract mining, and if you own or have controlling interest in a mine, you would do well to consider those advantages.

1. Experience with different mining surfaces

No two mines are alike when it comes to their surfaces, so a mine owner or operator will need miners who are familiar with granite, limestone, soft surfaces and other materials they may encounter. Trying to find full time miners who know how to handle each of these types of surfaces can be a challenge, but a contracting company will have experience with every type of surface and will know how to mine them safely and completely.

2. Additional insurance

Mining contractors are required to have various forms of insurance that cover their company and their workers in case of an accident. This additional insurance can also protect you as a mine owner or operator. If you were to be sued because of a mining accident that damages property or causes injury, this additional insurance from a mining contractor can help to cover the cost of that lawsuit so that your own financial interests are protected.

3. Knowledgeable about safety regulations and procedures

A mining contractor company will generally be up to date about safety regulations and procedures so that their workers are not only safe but also so that the company is compliant with government requirements. This is a special consideration to remember if you own mines in various countries. Regulations and laws will vary from region to region, so hiring a mining contractor from the local area will ensure you are always in compliance with government requirements.

4. Providing expert services and contractors

Mining is not just about digging in the dirt and harvesting what's underneath. Expert contractors need to be used throughout the entire process. For example, skilled electricians need to be called in to run electrical wiring throughout the length of the mine to support lighting, safety equipment and the heavy equipment and tools used in the mine. If you choose owner mining, you would need to find these specialised contractors as well as your mining staff, and this can be a challenge. Contracting out the work to be done means having all the experts on hand to ensure your mining work is done quickly, safely and effectively.

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