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How Modern Line Boring Equipment Fights Imbalance

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Imbalance in line boring refers to bores (holes) that are out of alignment with the structure of the material into which they have been bored. Many innovations are now available in the latest line boring machines to combat this defect. This article discusses those innovations.

Frequent Pre-Balancing Of Shanks And Other Extensions

It is now possible to pre-balance the shanks in your dedicated line boring machines so that once they are put to use, they produce consistent bores that are exactly where you want them to be. You should therefore get machine service personnel that are skilled in pre-balancing shanks so that the need to scrap a material because its bores are out of alignment is eliminated.

Internal Computers To Balance The Boring Head With The Boring Bar

You may have noticed that the boring bars that your equipment uses come in different diameters and different materials. This compels the operator of that equipment to balance (manually) the boring bar's thickness to the nature of material from which the boring bar is made. For instance, the balancing needs of narrow carbide bore bars differ from those of narrow steel boring bars since steel bars wear differently. Internal computers now make this compensation very easy so that operators needn't work them out using compensation tables. That is why you need to buy these modern line-boring machines for your work.

Keeping Coolant Holes Centered

Some line boring defects stem from the fact that coolant holes are no longer centered so sites of boring do not become cooled once boring is done. The bore site is cooled to prevent the bores from taking on irregular shapes. Modern toolmakers now make line-boring equipment that is designed to work at high speeds while keeping coolant holes centered. This eliminates most defects originating from the lack of sufficient cooling at the place into which holes are being bored.

Much as boring tools are just a tiny fraction of the tools you may have in your shop, they play a very critical role in the successful completion of jobs. This is because the impeccable work of other segments of the machining process may be laid to waste when wrong line boring tools are used on that part. That is why you should take particular interest in procuring the latest line boring equipment that is fully automated. It will help to reduce chances of imbalances in the bores drilled in materials going to be used at a construction site. Look for machines that have the capabilities discussed above and you will have no regrets.

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