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2 Major Advantages of Laminate Benchtops

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When it comes to installing a new benchtop in your kitchen, you will probably need to balance the look you want with your budget. You might enjoy the look of nice, up-scale materials, but you might not have enough in the budget to use such materials for a large kitchen space. Laminate might be a good choice for a benchtop in your kitchen no matter the look you want and your budget.

1. Overall cost

Many homeowners love the look of high-end granite, marble, slate, or glass for benchtops but the purchase price for these materials can be steep. The cost also adds up if you want to install new tops on bathroom vanities or wet bars. Laminate however comes in a wide variety of styles so you can easily find something that looks exactly like the finish you want while still being able to afford to install it in your kitchen along with any other area of the home.

Replacing laminate is also typically more affordable than replacing any other material. Granite and slate and other such materials are durable but they do still get scratched or nicked, and these imperfections may require sanding and filling in order to address. If they cannot be repaired, an entire section of your benchtop will need to be replaced and this can be very costly.

Laminate on the other hand is very affordable to replace in case it does get worn down or otherwise damaged over time, making it the best choice for those on a budget, both initially and in the long run.

2. Ease of installation

Another benefit of laminate benchtops is that these are very lightweight and easy to install. Many homeowners find that they can even handle this job on their own because of the ease of installation, which saves them some cost for their new benchtop. If you do decide to hire a contractor to have your benchtop installed, you may see that the cost is cheaper than if you chose marble or granite or another heavy material.

The installation is easier and faster for the contractor so they may very well charge less. The installation may also be quicker so that you can use your kitchen soon after the install is over, rather than being displaced for days.  

Remember these advantages of laminate benchtops over any other material and consider this choice when you're ready for an upgrade to your home. Learn more about benchtop options by consulting with experts such as Laminate Fabricators Pty Ltd.