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Preppers: Five Elements You Need in Your Kitchen Renovation

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Whether you are prepping for the possible destruction of the government, the meltdown of civilisation, an EMP disabling the grid or any other massive "end-of the-world" calamity, you can bring those concerns into your kitchen renovation. If you plan to hold your ground when disaster strikes, it's important to have a kitchen that's ready.

Here are five elements all preppers need in their kitchens:

1. Alternative Water Sources

Having access to clean water is essential to a prepper. If you live on a property big enough to dig a well, you want your kitchen renovation to involve replumbing your kitchen so that it draws water from your well. Remember to plan ahead and have a pump that doesn't rely on electricity.

If you only have a small plot and no ability to dig a well, plumb your kitchen so that it can be connected to a tank supplied with rain water. Alternatively, be prepared to store bottled water in your pantry.  

2. A Massive Pantry

In addition to water, the second most important thing to stockpile is food. To make that easy, you want a kitchen with a pantry. If possible, you also want to maximise all other storage options in your kitchen. For example, instead of having dead space between the top of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling, you want extra built-in storage.

3. Wood Burning Stove

Eventually after mass destruction, you won't have electricity, and even if you stockpile petrol, you will eventually run out of petrol to keep your generator running. Because of that, you need a stove that can cook your food with an alternative energy source such as wood.

When renovating your kitchen, put in whatever type of stove you prefer for regular cooking, and then, also add a wood burning stove for the possible future. You can use this stove for both cooking and heating your home.

If you are creating an outdoor kitchen, consider adding an adobe oven as well—just because civilisation has collapsed doesn't mean you won't eventually want a wood fired pizza.

4. Butcher Block Island

A butcher block island in the middle of your kitchen gives you extra room to cook, and you can even add a bar and bar stools for dining in the kitchen. However, once you are surviving off the grid with only your wits to guide you, your butcher block will be the essential place to butcher the animals you hunt.

5. North Facing Windows

If the grid is ever disabled, you need to be able to take as much advantage of natural light as possible. When renovating your kitchen, add as many north facing windows as possible. This allows you to maximise light for working and recreation, and if you add shelves next to your windows, they become the perfect spot for starting your seedlings in the spring before you move them to your garden. Remember you want as much food self-sufficiency as possible, and the right windows can help.

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