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Why Opt For A Metal Roof For Your Home?

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A metal roof may not be the most commonly chosen option when a homeowner is having a new roof installed, but they're quickly gaining in popularity over standard asphalt roofing tiles. This is because they offer many surprising advantages to homeowners, and if you're in the market for a new roof, you would do well to consider those advantages and how they can benefit you. Note the following benefits your metal roofing contractor might want you to know:

1. Durability

A shingle roof often needs repair when a few tiles have blown off during a storm or have come loose and fallen off. A metal roof is much more durable, as it doesn't have these small pieces that are individually nailed to the home itself. The metal roof will therefore stand up to storms and inclement weather more readily. If your home is in a tropical area that regularly sees hurricanes and tropical storms, or in an area that is prone to tornadoes, a metal roof may save you money on repair bills every storm season.

2. Recyclability

Many homeowners today are choosing the most eco-friendly materials they can find for projects, so that their home construction and any renovation has less of an impact on the environment. Metal roofing materials are very recyclable; you might find scrap pieces that can be cut and used for your roof, and if you need to renovate your home or replace the roof down the road, the metal is easy to reuse. Asphalt shingles can be recycled but usually this involves a tremendous amount of treatment to melt them down, and this process can produce large amounts of pollution. Metal for roofs however can simply be cut and fabricated for new projects, making them a very eco-friendly choice.

3. Fire resistance

For homes with stovepipes or with fireplaces that are used often, a metal roof can be the better option. The smoke and heat coming from the stovepipe or chimney can be a fire hazard to standard roofing tiles, but a metal roof is more fire resistant. This can protect the home from lightning strikes and other fire hazards as well.

4. Better insulation

Because a metal roof doesn't have the gaps between tiles as does an asphalt roof, and because it doesn't degrade over time, it may provide better insulation for your home than a standard tile roof. You may see lower costs for your heating and air conditioning every season when you choose a metal roof versus standard asphalt tiles.