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3 Warehouse & Labour Hires You Should Consider for Your Busy Seasons

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Every business has it's own busy season depending on their product and how that product serves others. For example, if your business manufacturers items for outdoor events then you may have a busier season in the summer and early fall than in the winter months. During these seasons you will likely need to use warehouse and distribution labour hires to meet the demand.

Here are three hire positions you should consider if this is your first time using this type of hire service to meet your customers' demands.

Packers and Sorters

One of the first things you will need to hire for is your order packing and sorting. This is likely where you will hire the most people. You will need people who can get the orders packed, sorted, and shipped out as quickly as possible and have at least one line manager to handle issues with the packing.

Depending on the size of your warehouse operation, and demand for your product, you could end up having to hire a large amount of people then adjust according to actual need.

Forklift Drivers

You may be able to get away with one or two forklift drivers during the slow seasons, but as the demand increases for your busy seasons, you will need to hire more. Using a warehouse and distribution labour hire is an ideal option for this for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is that you can get qualified drivers who are certified.

The hiring company or temporary staffer will check this for you, saving you time. You also have the advantage of hiring people that have specific forklift experience rather than general experience. You can still use a general forklift driver in a warehouse, but someone with warehouse experience would be ideal.


You may not think of needing more dispatchers during a busy season, but if you are trying to get orders out and you have drivers to do it then you need dispatch. These operators can handle all of your logistics information, including changes in deliveries and routes. This makes it easier on you and opens up more time for your to focus on other aspects of the production.

If you are ready to move forward with using warehouse and labour hires, then contact a staffing agency today. Let them know what you need and they can work with you to find the right amount of people for your needs.