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Need Your Split System Air Conditioner Installed? Here's What To Expect

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When it comes to managing the comfort and temperature needs of your home, buying an air conditioner is the first step. The other important step is to have the air conditioner installed properly. Split system air conditioners comprise of two components, so their installation is a bit more complex compared to window ACs. A professional technician can help you with the installation process so that your new unit works just as it's supposed to. Here's what you can expect from the installation.

Assessing the premises and planning the installation

First, your installing technician will evaluate your premises and plan the installation. Indoors, the technician will determine where to place the indoor unit for maximum cooling to your living space. Outside, he/she will assess your building structure to determine where the outdoor unit should be placed. The outdoor unit can be placed on the ground, on a first storey wall or even on the balcony, depending on the design on your property.

Installing the indoor unit

Once the assessment is done, the installation will begin. The indoor unit always goes first, as it directly determines how and where your home gets cooled. The technician will measure the mounting plate and drill the needed screw holes. Once done, they will affix the mount plate. He/she will then drill a hole for the installation cabling. They will then connect the electrical wires and drain pipe to the indoor unit and mount the indoor unit in place.

Installing the external unit

Next, the technician will install the outdoor unit (condenser). The installation begins by preparing the mounting area. The technician will ensure the vicinity is free of vegetation or obstructions.  The concrete pad is then put in place and the unit affixed to it using the provided screws. If fixing the unit to the roof or wall, brackets may be used. Once the unit is installed, the technician will connect the power cables and the drain pipe. He/she will then use a vacuum pump to extract air and humidity from the drain pipe system.

External piping

In the last steps of the installation, the technician will install the affix the electrical wires and drain tubing to the exterior of the house. The wires and drain tube have to be specially ducted inside a pipe or conduit to prevent physical damage and to provide temperature insulation. The technician will use a pipe that is close to your wall color to camouflage the ductwork as best as possible.

Once done with the above steps, the technician will power on your split system air conditioner and test its function. He/she may adjust the settings on the control panel as per your liking before having you sign off for the work done.

For more information about the process of a split system air conditioning installation, contact a local HVAC company.