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Why Choose a Timber-Framed Home for Your Next Purchase?

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Before you buy any home, you would do well to understand all the details of its construction, including the material used for its frame. This material will either add to the insulation of the home or do nothing to help keep in your heat and air conditioning, and the frame can also affect the overall appearance of the home.

If you're concerned about noise from the neighbors, you also want to choose a material with good insulating properties. Note a few advantages of a timber-framed home so that you might consider it for your next home purchase:

1. Strength

If you've ever noticed that a timber-framed home rarely has inside walls, that's because the frame of the home is so strong that it doesn't need additional load-bearing walls on the inside. This strength makes it better able to withstand the weight of snow, the impact of earthquakes or floods and other natural disasters, and be more impervious to high winds.

If you're thinking of buying a home in an area that may be prone to flooding or earthquakes or a home in the tropics where hurricanes and tropical storms are common, a timber frame can keep your home strong and erect during these disasters.

2. Aesthetics

Because a timber-framed home is often left open on the inside, this can make it more visually appealing. The home may seem larger and roomier, even if it doesn't take up a larger footprint than a standard brick home. If you want to install large windows such as for a home on a lake or with another view, you can keep the inside of the home open and enjoy the view from virtually any room in the home.

3. Insulating

Timber-framed homes are often better insulators than other home materials. They will keep cold air out during wintertime and keep your air conditioned air inside the home during summertime. You may find that you pay less for your utilities year-round when you choose timber frames versus brick or another material.

This insulation also works with sound. The density of timber frames keeps them from conducting sound so that you may hear less noise from traffic or your neighbors when you choose a timber-framed home. If you're looking for a summer home by the lake, you may hear fewer boat motors and other distractions from tourists and visitors when you choose a timber-framed home as your new vacation home.

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