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Build Energy Efficient Homes

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It is so important these days to offer your clients energy efficient homes. People today want to save on energy and help the environment at the same time. Every penny counts and if you do it right, your clients will benefit. When you are designing an energy efficient home, there are some great ideas that you can incorporate into your plans to help persuade your client to choose your company and your design.

These cutting edge building materials not only save you time, they also save your clients money. That way you can have that tight envelope with a tight pocket:

Structural Insulated Panels

These panels are pre-manufactured panels that includes foam insulation, a wooden frame, and either plywood, cement, or strand board panels on either side. These panels are easy to use which will cut your work time in half and they are easy to sell because they can save in energy around fifty percent over the other alternatives.

These panels work great for load-bearing walls, basements, floors and foundations. They may not be appealing to the consumer but siding, stone, and brick can be installed to the outside and wood grain or stucco can be used on the inside.

Using recycled steel

When dealing with recycled steel, many contractors are saving money by buying pre-manufactured beams and panels. Therefore, the framing process becomes a lot easier. The beams can be ordered to fit the specific job. The use of steel instead of wood in the framing process saves trees and lowers the amount of steel in the scrap yard, which is a great selling feature. Plus, it is much more durable and will last longer.

Low-E Windows

These windows are great for keeping the warm air in and the cold air out during the hotter months. The glass is treated with a coating of metallic oxide which will help regulate the temperature in your home. They are slightly more expensive by around ten percent but that will make up for the reduction in heat costs by up to twenty percent. They look the same as traditional windows and are just as easy to install. That makes it easy for you to incorporate into your project.

By using just these three building materials in your next product, you will be giving your client's real energy savings that will make a real difference and give your company an advantage over your competitors. Contact a company such as Eco Projects & Developments Pty Ltd if you'd like to know more about energy efficient homes.