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Why Opt for a Metal Roof for Your Home?

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A metal roof has long been a very popular choice for large commercial buildings, but they've also become popular for residential homes in the past few years as well. This is because metal roofs offer many advantages over asphalt shingles and tiles. If you need a new roof for your home or are having a new home built and need to decide on the roofing material, note a few of those advantages here.

1. Faster installation

One reason that metal roofs are installed on commercial buildings is that the installation is typically faster. It's much easier to fit one large piece of metal over such a roof than it is to nail individual shingles. The same can be said for your roof at home; large pieces of metal can be measured and cut before they leave the factory and then easily installed in just a few sections over your roof. With asphalt shingles, they need to be nailed to the roof one at a time. If your roof is in need of fast repairs because large holes are exposed or you don't want to hold up new construction for the roof, choose metal. This will get you the roof you need quickly.

2. More colour choices

There may be some shades and hues offered with asphalt shingles, but typically they're dark grey or slate, with perhaps some red tones. However, a metal roof can come in just about any colour you want. This includes lighter colours that reflect the hot sun away from your home, keeping it cooler and keeping your energy bills lower. You might also prefer something in a brown shade to match your siding or a crisp white to offset a brick home. Whether for appearances or any other reason, if you want a particular colour for your roof, metal is the right option.

3. Durability

Large metal pieces are much more durable during harsh weather than single asphalt tiles. Shingles are notorious for blowing off in strong winds so that you need to replace them after virtually every storm. They also may get brittle and shrink up with age and as exposed to the hot summer sun. Metal is much more durable; long pieces of metal are very unlikely to blow off the roof during inclement weather, and the material will withstand harsh elements more effectively than asphalt tiles. This can mean fewer repairs and fewer roof replacement jobs over the life of your home.

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