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How To Level A Carport Site And Why

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When it comes to constructing a carport, it's important that your site is level.  But why does your carport site have to be level?  And how do you go about achieving this?  Read on to find out more.

Why does your carport site need to be level?

It's crucial that the site you've chosen for your carport is level for a number of reasons.  A site that's out by even a small amount will cause the carport unit to lean to one end or to one side, making it unbalanced.  This means that your carport will be top-heavy and vulnerable to damage during high winds. 

An unlevel site will cause the carport roof to be improperly aligned and that means that it will leak when it rains.  If your carport has side walls and/or doors, an unlevel site will mean that they don't sit properly within the frame.  You'll find that the doors won't close snugly, which could leave your carport and its contents insecure.  Furthermore, the walls on one side of your carport may finish up many centimetres off the ground.  Not only does this not look good, it also allows easy access for rodents and snakes looking for shelter.   

How to level your carport site

The construction company like Walker Home Improvements who are supplying your carport would be able to level the site for you, but you'll save yourself some money if you can do the job yourself.

  1. Measure out the area you've chosen for your carport.  The area should be slightly larger than the carport unit you've chosen.  Mark out the site with spray paint, and then place wooden pegs to mark the corners of the carport unit.  
  2. Take a roll of strong twine and tie it around the first corner peg, about 6cm from the ground.  Stretch the string across to the next corner and repeat the process.  Do this again on the remaining corners until you have formed a square.  
  3. Beginning with the first corner, place a spirit level on the string to check that it is level.  If the bubble doesn't sit in the centre of the glass, adjust the low point up by raising the string until the line is level.  Repeat the process at each corner.   
  4. Now calculate the degree of slope of your site by subtracting the low point from the high point at each corner.  For example, if the string measures 6cm from the ground at one peg and 10cm at the opposite one, 10 minus 6 equals 4, so the site slopes by 4cm.   
  5. Level the site by moving soil from the highest point and adding it to the lowest point. Repeat the process for all the pegs to make sure the site is level.

In conclusion

Before having your carport built, it's important to make sure that your site is level so that the finished structure is robust and secure.  Use the method described above to level your site, or ask your contractor to carry out a sight survey and level it for you.