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Using Leftover Wood To Create A Unique Mobile Shoe Holder

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At the end of a DIY project, such as making a wooden bookcase, it is inevitable that you will have some kind of wood left over from the job. The usual course of action is to bag up the left over material and dispose of it. However, with a little imagination and time, you can use this wood to create a unique and beautiful mobile shoe holder for you and your family. This article looks at how this can be done.

Assemble The Materials

The amount of wood required depends on how many shoes you wish to store in it. The shape of the holder should be square or rectangular, so you will need four pieces of wood. You should also have a piece of wood for creating the shelf inside the holder. You will also need some screws to hold the frame together, a file for smoothing off the edges of the wood and some varnish to give the wood a new look. Lastly, you will need some brackets to hold the shelf in place and four small wheels for attaching to the bottom of the holder. If you don't have any spare wheels or brackets from previous DIY jobs, they can be bought inexpensively at DIY stores.

Make The Frame

Use the screws to attach the wood together so it forms a frame. Nails are not advised as you will be moving the holder around and the nails will weaken over time and cause the frame to wobble. Once the frame has been fixed together, you can use the hand file to smooth the edges of the frame. It is a good idea to make the inside shelf of the holder now too. Measure the size needed and use a saw or a power tool to cut it to size. Smooth off these edges with the file.

Attach The Wheels

Next, turn the holder upside down and mark the location of the wheels. They should be fitted at each corner of the frame. You can drill pilot holes to help you screw the wheels into place. After this, you can begin to paint the frame with the varnish. Remember to paint the shelf you made as well. Allow the varnish to dry fully according to the instructions on the tin.

Fit The Inner Shelf

Mark the location of the brackets on the inside of the holder. The shelf should sit in the middle of the holder, so make a measurement to determine where this is. Then, screw the brackets into place. Use a level to ensure that the shelf sits straight. Once securely in place, you can either store the shoes above and below the shelf or you can add in storage boxes to hold the shoes.

Recycling old bits of wood is a great way to save you money and do your bit for the environment. Contact hardware and wood suppliers, like Directline Timbers, for more information on building with extra wood.