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Got A Property Up For Sale/Rent/Lease? Impress Your Customers Some More By Hiring A Cleaning Contractor

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Putting a property up for sale is never a smooth sail. There are a lot of things that need to be done before a viable customer comes your way and keys exchange hands. Apart from advertising and pricing your property well, your property sale quest can get a much-needed boost if you seek a professional cleaning service. A cleaning contractor can help polish your property up to ensure it's in the best condition when interested customers breeze by.

What a cleaning contractor will do for your property:

A cleaning contractor will provide your space with a number of services as agreed on in the contract. These will normally include:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Vacuuming
  • Furniture cleaning
  • Trash removal

These services will entail dusting, standard cleaning and general sanitization. These cleaning services will ensure that your property maintains its pristine condition 24/7. You can also ask for additional cleaning services such as lawn mowing, irrigation, and any other cleaning service you may need.

Who should seek this service:

Seeking regular cleaning services can benefit anyone putting up a property for sale/rent or lease. This includes domestic houses, commercial spaces and even industrial complexes. Just to mention a few, the best candidates for this service include display homes, open houses, and new properties on the market.

Why you should bother with this:

A cleaning service can greatly influence the decisions of your customers to buy, pass or negotiate low on your property. A cleaning service can also influence how long your property remains on the market. This can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • Professional cleaning will reduce the rate of wear on your property and keep it desirable.
  • Cleaning will de-clutter the space and make it look roomier.
  • A professional cleaning service will make your furniture, floors and walls look brighter and cleaner, thus more appealing.

When you should get this service:

For best results, get a cleaning contractor to work on your property regularly. Once a week is ideal if the rate of human traffic is standard. In addition, you should also seek a cleaning service at the following times:

  • After the client moves out.
  • After remodeling, repairing or renovating the space.
  • The day before an open-house viewing event.

You can either sign up for scheduled cleaning, or you can seek cleaning services on-demand, whenever you feel they are needed. Talk to a professional service like Cleaning Contractors and ask for a quote.