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What to Ask a Contractor Before Deciding on a Carport For Your Property

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Before you decide on a carport for your property, you want to ensure you've looked at all the features and options available and know which one will be the right choice for your space and your needs. You also need to know everything involved in having a carport installed so that it works well for your property and lasts for years to come. Note a few things to ask a contractor before deciding on a carport for your property and having it installed.

1. Always ask if the ground of your property needs to be leveled

Typically a carport needs to be installed on level ground, and if your home's property is sloped or not properly graded, you may need to have it leveled. This might need to be done professionally so that actual measurements of the ground can be taken and it can be ensured that your carport is erected properly and won't simply collapse or slide to one side or another. Your carport contractor may need to visit your home before installation to note if any treatment of your property is needed.

2. Note if they recommend braces for the carport

If a carport is double wide or triple wide, it may be good to have added braces on the legs so that the carport doesn't wobble or shift. When a carport is wider, the weight is dispersed over the length of the carport and in turn, is not working as hard to hold the center of the carport in place. Braces can keep the carport secure so that it's not as likely to blow away or shift. Along with braces, side panels or walls can also help to support the frame of the carport so these may be recommended as well.

3. Ask if there are any local codes for your carport and not just its installation

Local codes usually apply to the installation of a carport; these may limit where the structure is installed and how it's anchored, and so forth. However, you may face codes that affect the carport itself and not just how it's installed. Local codes for outbuildings such as a carport may dictate that it only be so large or require that it be strong enough to resist certain wind speeds before tearing into pieces. Your contractor will probably be familiar with codes in your area affecting both the carport itself and its installation, so ask them first before you check with your city.

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