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The Benefits of Alternative Septic Tank Systems

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There are instances where the conventional or standard septic tank systems cannot be used. Among the most common instances where you need alternative septic tank systems include the following;

  • Where the soil is too permeable or too dense.
  • Where the soil is too shallow such as when over a hardpan or bedrock.
  • Where the water table is too high.
  • Where there is a need to protect waterfronts so that water sources are protected from contamination.

Mound System Provides Solution to All the Above Instances

This system works much like the standard septic systems in that the leach field is raised above the normal natural grade. It has an extra chamber (usually referred to as the dosing or pump chamber) used to collect the waste water that comes from the septic system. This alternative system also uses pump and floating mechanism to pump the waste matter up the raised leach field. For the best functionality, these alternative systems are fitted with alarms and monitors for control and alerting the user or the managing company on the system status. But are there more alternatives?

Other Alternative Septic Tank Systems

There are other alternative septic tank systems that one can use in case the above does not really fit the situation. Among the most common are:

  • Plastic chamber leach field. It is more like the standard septic tank but has alternative leach field. This can be reduced depending on particular needs and municipal rules. If yours is a small building, then this is the best alternative system for your circumstance.
  • Pressurised dosing. A holding tank and a pump are used in this system to evenly force the waste matter through the pipes in doses. This system can also be used in addition to other systems and it is perfect for small houses too.
  • Drip irrigation. A pump is used to drive the matter through filters and lawns and watering other plants not meant for food. If you stay on slopes, swallow soils or clay areas, this is perfect for you.
  • Constructed wetland systems. These are especially perfect for homeowners with an eye for recycling. This can work on any soil texture. A shallow pond is constructed with rock and other chippings and with special perforated pipes to distribute the waste water on the pond. Special plants that treat the water are introduced making this type of alternative septic systems a perfect ecological fit.

If you have any questions about which system might be best for you, consider contacting a local specialist, such as Biosystems 2000.