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Safety Tips When Operating Rented Mini Excavators

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Mini excavators, sometimes referred to as compact excavators, are highly sought after construction equipment that are generally designed to be used in small to medium-sized projects. They are built to be as tough and powerful as their larger counterparts, and their ability to fit into small, confined spaces makes them perfect for use in projects such as shed demolition, stump removal, leveling landscapes, plowing of snow, etc. In essence, mini excavators are favored for projects that involve digging or demolition jobs that are too heavy to be done using basic hand-held tools such as a shovel.

Now that you know what mini excavators are and what type of construction projects they can be used for, you may want to rent these types of equipment. If this is right, you should know that safety of the work site comes first when using mini excavators. Here are a couple of safety practices that should be at the top of your mind when using rented mini excavators:

Clear of people from the work site before operating the equipment.

In order to guarantee the safety of the equipment operator, mini excavators often have a driver's cabin that is designed to shield the operator from any falling or flying objects. So, what about the safety of other people in or around the work site? If you are tearing down a concrete wall using a mini excavator that is attached with a wrecking ball, for example, chances are high that the dust produced and tiny pieces of concrete material flying all over may harm other people working in the area. For that reason, always make sure you evacuate them from the area prior to operating the equipment.

Operate the equipment on steady grounds.

Any mini excavator is either wheeled or tracked. Wheeled versions are suitable for projects where the mini excavator will be operated on a compact, smooth surface, such as a concrete warehouse floor. Tracked mini excavator versions, on the flip side, are best when the equipment will need to be used on rough terrains like lawns.

No matter what type of footprint the mini excavator you have rented has, make sure it always runs on steady, flat-leveled surfaces and not on sloppy or hilly terrains. Also, keep in mind that operating with rough movements, unnecessary speed or at a difficult angle is not safe at all.

Remember, the most important aspect of your safety plan should be to only use rented mini excavators for purposes for which they are designed.