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Industrial Paint Options for Commercial Property

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The paint coatings in residential structures are designed primarily for decorative purposes. However, if you are building a commercial building or planning refurbishment, you should utilise industrial paint. Basically, this type of product is manufactured to provide protection to structural components. It is particularly ideal for application on steel features to prevent rusting and corrosion. In addition, the industrial grade coating can protect porous concrete surfaces from seepage of moisture and subsequent damage. Here are the primary industrial paint options to consider using in your commercial property.


Intumescent industrial paint is manufactured for use in commercial premises that are vulnerable to fire incidents. Examples of fire-prone spaces include chemical laboratories, storage spaces for petroleum products and even manufacturing plants that use boilers and other heating equipment. The intumescent paint is formulated with hydrate substances which release water when heated, preventing the spread of the fire. Consider using this industrial coating on structural steel and on the walls of at-risk areas.


Phosphate industrial coatings are suitable for use as primers during paint projects. The product is manufactured with resins that promote adherence of top coatings and consequently, the durability of the paintwork. There are different specialty formulations in the market designed to enhance some properties. Phosphate coatings intended for application on steel and other iron based materials have zinc phosphate. This compound will prevent corrosion and rusting of the pertinent components. Iron phosphate has enhanced adherence properties, so it is a perfect base coat for smooth surfaces. Manganese phosphate will improve corrosion resistance and the lubricity of pertinent features. Phosphate industrial paint can be used on steel, aluminium and other metallic structures.

Epoxy Paint

Epoxy coatings are suitable for use on commercial flooring, but they can be adapted for other applications, such as industrial wall paint. Generally, this type of product is purchased in the form of an epoxy resin and a hardener. When these constituents are mixed together, a reaction will occur and the usable epoxy paint will be formed. The industrial-grade coating which is produced after the application of this type of paint is hard and durable. It is resistant to damage from solvents and other chemicals like acids and caustic fluids and will not sustain dents and scratches. Moreover, epoxy paint is available in an assortment of decorative colours to improve the visual appeal of your building. Apply this commercial paint for efficient and long-lasting concrete and metal protective coatings.

You should also inquire about alternative coatings like fluoropolymer and polyurethane from your chosen commercial painting contractor.