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4 Upsides of Gabled Roof Designs for Homeowners

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Modern roofs come in so many different styles, designs and shapes so that every homeowner can find something that will suit their home best. Choosing an appropriate roof shape plays an integral role in maintaining the overall functionality and aesthetics of a home.

The following points will help explain why a gabled roof is the best of all roof design options available for any new home.

Leads to fewer leak problems 

One of the most culpable causes of roof damage is pooled water. Water that is left to stay on the surface of the roof for a long time can cause structural stress and find its way into the interiors of your home. As it is sloped rather steeply, a gabled roof provides outstanding water drainage, resulting in formation of fewer leaks and an extended roof life. Therefore, gabled roof designs are ideal for homes built in regions that experience plenty of rainfall and snowfall during the year.

Creates the most attic space

Another remarkable benefit of gabled roof designs is that of all roofing designs, they also provide the most attic space. These days, more and more home builders are looking at transforming the attic space into storage space. They usually deck the area the around the folding stairways used to access the attic so that homeowners can have some extra storage space. You can use this little storage space to store stuff that you no longer want filling up your garage.

Provides better ventilation

Having hot air in your attic during the winter spell may not seem to be a bad thing, but you might not be aware that the moisture-containing air can condense and encourage growth of mould and mildew. In summer, the presence of hot air in the attic will not only make your air conditioning unit to run harder, but it will also cause overheating in the underside of your roof. Because gabled roofs provide more spacious attics as compared to low-pitched roof designs like flat roofs, they can allow for better circulation of air inside the attic, effectively reducing problems such as premature deterioration of roof shingles and roof decking. 

Reduces installation expenses

Besides resulting in fewer leaks, gabled roofs are easy and quick to install. Their triangular or A-frame shape can be easily achieved by sloping roofing panels on both sides of a ridge, which is located at the centre of the building. This inherently simple roof shape takes less time to build than many other complex designs. Thus, you may require less hands working on your roof, which will help cut installation costs considerably.