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4 Things You Should Do Before Hiring an Electrician to Wire Your Hot Tub

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Many measures can be taken to reduce the costs associated with installing a hot tub on your property. This article discusses some of those measures that you can take before you call an electrician to handle the electrical installation segment of the hot tub installation process.

Choose a Suitable Location

Some municipalities have regulations governing how far a hot tub should be from the house. There may be rules governing how much clearance should exist around the hot tub in order to allow access for maintenance work and repairs. Find out what rules exist in your area and select a location that adheres to all those rules. This step will save you from having to pay an electrician to come and select an appropriate location for the hot tub.

Prepare the Site

It is usually necessary to prepare the site before the new hot tub is delivered to your home. Site preparation includes pouring a concrete foundation that will act as a base for the heavy hot tub. Alternatively, you could buy prefabricated hot tub pads and set them up at your chosen location. This measure will save you from incurring the added expense of paying the electrician for the hours that he or she spends while waiting for the site to be readied for the installation and wiring of the hot tub.

Plan the Delivery Route

Don't assume that the hot tub will be delivered easily to your selected installation site. Take measurements and confirm that there are no obstructions that can prevent the hot tub from being offloaded at your selected location. For instance, you may need to cut some tree branches that may get in the way. It may also be necessary to demolish a section of your fence in order to create ample space for the hot tub to be delivered to its installation location. This seamless delivery will reduce the time that different professionals, such as the electrician, will need to spend at the installation site.

Buy All Requirements

Have a phone conversation with your electrician in advance so that he or she tells you what materials you need for the electrical wiring of the hot tub. You can then buy those materials early before the set day for the installation work. Alternatively, you can ask the electrician to buy those materials and come with them when he or she is going to wire the hot tub. This will save you from being billed for the time that the electrician takes to drive back to an electrical store to buy the needed supplies on the day of the electrical installation.

The savings that you make when you implement each of the suggestions above will add up. Ask the electrician for advice regarding any other steps that you can take in order to keep the installation cost affordable.