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4 Modifications for Your Industrial Shed

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Building an industrial shed on your factory site can provide many benefits for your business. As well as being useful for storing manufacturing equipment, tools, spare parts and materials, an industrial shed is also highly customisable. This ability to customise means if you ever need to expand your back office operations or if you wish to store oversized machinery in the space, you easily convert your industrial shed into additional office or warehouse space by making a few simple modifications. Below is a guide to 4 possible modifications you can make to your industrial shed.

Add an access door

The majority of industrial sheds only have one large hangar door. Opening these doors can be hard work if they do not have an automatic opening system. If this is the case, you should consider installing an access door for authorised personnel to enter and exit your shed. 

Add interior dividing walls

Interior dividing walls are useful if you wish to split your industrial shed into two separate work areas. A dividing wall will allow you to achieve this without disrupting your production schedule. Prefabricated dividing walls can be cut to size and quickly installed using a basic wooden frame, meaning you could transform the space in a matter of hours.

Add insulation

Adding insulation to your industrial shed can help your business to become more energy efficient, helping you to save money on your cooling and heating cost while also protecting the environment. The quickest way to install insulation is to use insulated panels which can be inserted between the inner wall and the outer concrete shell of your industrial shed. Adding insulation will also help to soundproof the shed, reducing the amount of noise that enters from the rest of the factory, which is important if you are planning to use the space as an office.

Add roof ventilators

If your industrial shed does not have adequate ventilation, moisture and humidity may make the environment very uncomfortable for your workers. By adding roof ventilators, you can ensure that fresh air continually flows around the inside of the shed. This airflow will improve the performance of any existing air conditioning units which you have installed. 

An industrial shed in an essential part of any factory complex, as sheds provide a range of options as your company grows and expands. If you would like to modify your industrial shed, contact a contractor today for further help and advice.