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Qualities That Make Structural Timber an Excellent Choice for Building Construction

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Timber has been used as a structural material for building construction purposes since time immemorial. As long as the global timber supply remains sustainable, this trend will continue into the foreseeable future. 

If you're considering using structural timber products for your upcoming building construction project, you should know why they're a popular choice for many building owners. This way, you can confidently decide whether they're the right choice for you.

Here are some characteristics that make timber a suitable choice of structural material for building construction.


Timber that is meant to be used structurally for buildings is strength-graded to ensure it is strong enough to support the maximum expected load. Most structural timbers have a strength-to-weight ratio far higher than their traditional rivals: steel and concrete. This means they span longer distances without requiring additional structural supports. The strength of structural timbers increases with the density of the timbers. Higher density generally gives greater strength.

Thermal insulation

Heating and cooling costs account for a significant percentage of the total energy costs incurred by today's building owners. In an effort to keep these costs down, many people are turning to thermally-efficient building materials.

Structural timber products have low thermal conductivity, meaning they're poor conductors of heat. As a result, they're highly effective at preventing heat transfer through a building's envelope.

As more and more people recognise the importance of building energy-efficient buildings, timber has become the go-to material for achieving thermal comfort and minimising energy costs.

Sound absorption

If your structural project is located near a busy street or highway, you may be concerned about the outside noise affecting the interior environment of the building. Structural timber not only provides thermal insulation but also absorbs sound, thus reducing noise pollution within buildings. This helps to create a more comfortable environment for the enjoyment of building occupants.

Aesthetic appeal

Structural timber is an aesthetically appealing building construction product that allows building designers and contractors to create beautiful structures. Building professionals have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of wood species and finish types that each offer a unique appearance.

Although structural timber has many pluses, it has minuses, too. For example, they may be susceptible to moisture damage if not properly dried. To ensure you get the most out of structural timber, get your supplies from a professional timber supplier. They'll help you choose the correct type and quality of timber for your structural project.