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The Benefits Of Hiring A Building Surveyor

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Building surveyors in Australia are professionals licenced to commission construction works and inspect buildings under construction. The surveyor's input is critical as you build your dream home. The extract below discusses the benefits of hiring a building surveyor

Ensuring Construction Standards

Your engineer and architect will draw blueprints to be used by the contractor as they build your home. The surveyor will examine these blueprints to ensure they meet the required standards. For example, commercial buildings should have fire prevention and response installations, such as emergency exits, fire assembly points, and ventilation systems. Additionally, buildings on flood plains require reinforced foundations. The house must also meet the plumbing, wiring, and drainage regulations. The surveyor will compare the blueprints against the building code to establish if the blueprints need improvements before construction work commences. 

Avoiding Future Legal Liabilities

By law, every building in the country must comply with the building code. Therefore, most buyers will need evidence that you engaged a certified surveyor when constructing the house. Surveyors issue certificates once the contractor erects the footings, slab, and frame. They will also give a certificate of occupation once the works are complete. Suppose you built a house without the surveyor's input; you would risk penalties or legal action from the local council. Additionally, you will spend a considerable amount renovating the property. 

Keeping Your Contractor In Check

As a potential homeowner, you may not have the skill required to inspect the contractor's work. For example, it would be difficult to tell if the footings are properly erected or if the contractor used quality materials when building the frame. Besides, it may be challenging to identify severe defects. A building surveyor keeps the contractor on their toes by ensuring they follow the blueprints and building code to the letter. If the contractor does not comply with these standards, the surveyor will stop construction works until they conduct the required repairs. In a way, the surveyor will help you get value for your money and ensure your house lasts for generations to come. 

Pre-Purchase Inspections

How would you assess the structural integrity of a home you intend to buy? Well, most homes will look appealing to the buyer. However, they could have underlying structural issues that could be difficult to repair or endanger the lives of your family. A building surveyor will inspect the building and give a report detailing all structural matters it could have. They could also give insights on pest infestation, the drainage system and the roof. 

A building surveyor will help ensure construction standards, avoid future legal liabilities, keep your contractor in check and help with pre-purchase inspections.