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A Guide to the Work of Land Surveyors

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Land surveyors specialise in land mapping, collecting spatial data, land amalgamation, adjudication, and subdivision. Most people do not know when they require the services of a land surveyor. Below is an excerpt explaining when you need land surveying services. Hopefully, it will help you understand the work of land surveyors. 

Determining Property Borders

Do you wish to build a house, install a wall, or create an extension? Well, you undoubtedly need the services of a land surveyor. The professional will assess land maps to determine the exact boundaries of your property. Most people mark their property boundaries to prevent neighbours from encroaching on their land and vice versa. However, property boundaries can also prevent you from breaking the law as you develop your land. For example, in some areas, the house walls should be a specified distance from the boundaries. 

Searching Land Records

When you buy property, you need to officiate a search to determine the property owner. The property search will help you understand the current and previous owners of the property. For instance, if a prominent figure once owned the property, you could use this information to increase the value of the property. Your surveyor can also inform you about the property's history and susceptibility to disasters after examining the land maps. For instance, it could be that the property is located on a reclaimed landfill or is exposed to disasters such as floods and fires. Finally, the surveyor will let you know if the property contains easements. For example, maybe the local sewer line passes through the property. 

Determining Land Zoning Regulations

Each jurisdiction has its unique land zoning regulations. Given that you are not in the real estate industry, you may not know about these laws. However, your lands surveyor will inform you about these laws and any upcoming regulations that could affect land use in the future. This information helps you make informed decisions when buying or developing property. 

When You Need To Subdivide Your Land 

Lands surveyors are a vital ingredient of your land subdivision project. They will handle the technicalities of the subdivision to ensure that you follow the subdivision laws. For instance, they will examine your proposed subdivision plan and offer advice about its practicability. For example, it could be the new parcels do not meet the minimum size requirement. Additionally, maybe you forgot to make an allocation for amenities such as electricity and roads. Finally, they will submit subdivision plans and apply for the required licences to secure titles for the new plots. 

A land surveyor can help you establish land borders, search property records, determine zoning regulations and subdivide your land. To learn more, contact one today.